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Hiiibrand Awards 2022

    Hiiibrand Awards 2022 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Graphic Design
     Deadline:  February 15, 2023 - expired! October 15, 2022
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    The Hiiibrand Awards has been held now for 13 consecutive years, inviting more than 80 international judges from 5 continents and received more than 20,000 entries from more than 100 countries or regions, and has now become a leading international, professional and forward-looking design awards.

    Hiiibrand Awards 2022 has two levels, Professional and Student, in the following categories:

    • A-Branding
    • B-Logo
    • C-Packaging
    • D-1-Typeface
    • D-2-Brand Commissioned Typeface
    • D-3-Typography

    Assessment Criteria: Impact (Applicability and Effect), Idea (Originality and Differentiation), Form (Comprehensibility and Aesthetics).

    Jury: Kashiwa Sato / Joe Duffy / Liza Enebeis / Luke Powell / Yah-Leng Yu / Jo De Baerdemaeker / Sammy Or / Nod Young / Forest Young / Wade Convay.

    The Hiiibrand International Brand & Communication Design Awards focuses on branding, business value and communication design, discovering and honoring outstanding branding practices and design strengths through a global call for entries and selection, and striving to promote communication and development in the field of brand and design.

    The candidate works have to be created between January 2020 - January 2023.

    Early Bird: October 31, 2022
    Regular: December 31, 2022
    Last Chance: February 15, 2023


    Open worldwide to brand consulting, design agencies, design firms/teams, branding studios, marketing departments, freelancers, students, or corporate/brand manufacturers who own the rights to attribute their works.


    • Design Awards: The award will be set out of Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award and Merit Award for professional level and student level.
    • Brand Awards: There will be 3 Best Brand Awards and 10 Excellent Brand Awards for the nominations of professional level.
    • Organization Awards: There will be 10 Best Delegations and 20 Best Tutors for all schools and teachers around the world, And save 40% off submission fee for applicant.

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