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International Fashion Illustration Contest

    International Fashion Illustration Contest | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Students Only
     Deadline:  November 25, 2013 - expired! August 15, 2013
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    The purpose of the contest is to advance fashion design education at member institutions through the exchange of creative design expressions.

    Each applicant is expected to set his/her own theme based on the 2014 IFFTI Annual Conference theme, the Power of Fashion, and to draw a person in designed clothes who represents the image of "Today".

    You are welcome to submit either hand-drawing, digital-drawing or a combination of both. No three-dimensional objects are accepted except when they are turned into two-dimensional through digital processing. The size of the illustration may range from B4 to B1. The paper can be used horizontally and vertically. The main feature of the drawing must be a person(s).

    More than 60% of the person’s body (from thigh to head) should be included in the illustration. If you would like to show the face alone, you are requested to draw more than 60% of the body on a different sheet of paper.

    Fashion illustration tries to depict not only clothes but also the inner feelings and thoughts of the person who wears them. You are encouraged to consider the structure and balance of all the components of the illustration including the background.

    There is no entry fee.


    Students of IFFTI member institutions are qualified to apply.


    • Grand Prix:
    Round trip air ticket to Bunka
    Opportunity to stay and study for a week at Bunka
    A two page spread in the SOEN fashion magazine published by Bunka (may include works other than the one applied for in the contest)
    1,000 US dollars

    • Second Place:
    A one page spread in the SOEN fashion magazine
    800 US dollars

    • Third Place:
    A half page spread in the SOEN fashion magazine
    500 US dollars

    The awards ceremony will take place on the evening of 29th January 2014 during the party hosted by Bunka Gakuen.

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