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Computer Graphics Student Awards 2014

    Computer Graphics Student Awards 2014 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Students Only
     Deadline:  May 15, 2014 - expired! March 11, 2014
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    The CG Student Awards is an annual event which showcases and rewards excellence in computer graphics from students and recent graduates. The awards represents a tremendous promotional opportunity for all young artists to showcase their work to the world. To date, the event has kick-started the careers of countless digital artists and awarded in excess of $200,000 in prizes.

    The 2014 awards competition is split into six main categories:

    • Open (People's Choice) - Every student who enters the 2014 CG Student Awards is eligible for the Open category. The purpose of this category is to allow the public and your peers to help find the best student from both VFX/Animation and Next-Gen Gaming categories.

    • VFX/Animation - The VFX/Animation category is open to all students who attended a course focused on preparing you for a career making Film, TV, and Games.

    • Next-Gen Gaming - The Next-Gen Gaming category is open to all students who attended a course focused on preparing you for a career designing and developing games for highend consoles and apps.

    • Bootcamp Placement - The Bootcamp Placement category is based on a really exciting partnership with the world's most respected studios in VFX/Animation and Next-Gen Gaming. Winners will be able to kick-start their careers with "Internships" working as part of teams on the biggest projects in the industry.

    • Young Guns - Over the years we have been approached by countless young students in Secondary Schools. Previously they have not been eligible to enter, but this is about to change.

    • School of the Year - The School of the Year category is a critical part of the CG Student Awards. It recognises and rewards the schools helping the next generation of digital artists enter the industry with strong skills, confidence, and a direction.

    Entry is for individuals only. You are not allowed to enter as a team or group, but you can include work completed in a group or team (just like an industry professional who shows work from features film and commercials). However, you must clearly explain what part of the shots you completed.

    There is provision for up to 5 images, but only 1 image is mandatory. Each of your images can be up to 2048Kb (2Mb)in size. There are no restriction on image dimensions. However we recommend that all your images are wider than 1024px.

    There is no entry fee.


    All computer graphics students worldwide that attended an accredited course between January 2013 - May 2014. You can be an existing student or a recent graduate.

    Examples of suitable courses are Computer Animation, Bachelor of Computer Graphics, Animation and Interactive Media, 3D Computer Animation, Digital Effects, Computer Visualisation, Visual Effect (VFX) Courses. All other courses with similar curriculum are deemed suitable.


    The CG Student Awards 2014 edition has an incredible line-up of sponsors offering over $230,000 in prizes and 15 Studio Internships (Bootcamp Placements) to the lucky winners.

    Moreover, all entrants will receive:

    • Digital Tutors - 1 Month Access to Training
    • Siteground - 6 Months Website Hosting Package
    • 3D Total - 1 magazine issue (2DArtist or 3DCreative)

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