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Applied Arts Student Awards 2020

    Applied Arts Student Awards 2020 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Students Only
     Deadline:  May 29, 2020 - expired! November 20, 2019
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    Open worldwide to post-secondary and high school students in creative advertising, graphic design, interactive media, photography and illustration programs, the Applied Arts Student Awards is the largest and most respected show of its kind in North America. Applied Arts is a highly-regarded visual communications magazine founded in 1986 in Canada.

    Winning an Applied Arts Student Award is a great way to launch your career. Your submissions will be judged by a jury of 20 award-winning senior communications professionals, so you'll know how your work stands up according to the highest standards in the industry. What makes Applied Arts Awards unique is that winners are not ranked against each other. Each entry is judged individually and independently by each jury member. Work is given a score of 1 to 10, and all pieces that are judged to be at or above the cut-off score will be published as winners in the Awards Annual.

    All entries are submitted digitally. There are no hard copy submissions.

    Entries can be submitted in five main categories:

    • Advertising
    • Design
    • Digital & Gaming
    • Photography & Illustration
    • High School

    Any work completed as a school requirement or work completed independently during the course of your studies is eligible for entry. And even if you graduated within the last year and the work that you are interested in submitting to the Student Awards 2020 was not submitted to last year's Student Awards, then you are still eligible to enter. Instructors can make group submission on behalf of their students.

    You retain all rights of your images.

    Entry fees start from 20 USD.


    Open worldwide to post-secondary and high school students. High school students may only apply to the High School categories. The rest of the categories are for post-secondary students.


    Winners receive:
    • Their work published in print in the corresponding Awards Annual
    • A complimentary copy of the Annual your work appears in.
    • Their work published in the Winners’ Gallery
    • Their work displayed at related Applied Arts events
    • A personalized, embossed awards certificate for every winning entry signed by noted designer Georges Haroutiun, the founder and art director of Applied Arts

    All entrants will be notified in late July.

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