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Interview With Evgeni Koroliov

    Interview With Evgeni Koroliov | Graphic Competitions
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    I was born in a small town Pinsk, Belarus and fell in love with drawing since my earliest childhood. When I started studying at an art school, I realized that I wanted to connect my life with creativity. Parents have always encouraged my passion for art. I can say with confidence if I hadn't become an illustrator, I would be engaged in music, without which can't imagine my day.

    After high school I went to Vitebsk and studied at the Art and Graphic Faculty, specializing in Fine Arts, and then in the Magistracy (Theory and History of Art). I was a very active student and constantly participated in exhibitions and competitions, some of them we organized with friends. The main artistic passion was surrealism, so the topic of dreams was often traced in the drawings of that time. Vitebsk is a beautiful city, with which many wonderful events connect me, I often travel there for inspiration.

    Studying at the university helped me to develop many of creative abilities and I got a very large amount of practical skills, but I still didn’t know what I want to do in the future. In addition, I stopped liking my previous work, so I needed a small pause to rethink everything and take a pencil in hand for something new. I moved to live in Minsk and arranged to work as a graphic designer, but yet again I felt the inner need for drawing.

    2.5 years of daily practice, and here I am. Now I'm inspired not only by the models I illustrate but also by the people who surround me every day, they are all the main topic of my drawings. Stylistically, my works can be most closely approximated to fashion illustrations.

    What are you working on at the moment?

    I’m almost completely focused on several illustrations for the magazine. Usually, in my free time, I simultaneously work on several personal drawings, trying as often as possible to refresh the perception and come back to each of them with new impressions.

    What does a typical working day look like?

    The morning begins with beautiful music or… the noise of neighbours who make repairs in their apartments haha. Most recently, I moved to a new house and really want to make it very cosy, thus, the next few months I should be ready for some chaotic events.

    I continue to work as full-time graphic designer, in the office I develop layouts for premium business cards and create many different drawings in Adobe Illustrator.

    Evening is a time of meetings with friends and creativity, sometimes it passes very spontaneously, but my desire to draw as much as possible remains unchanged. Now the commercial illustration is a completely new thing for me and I plan to give it a lot more time in the near future.

    What tools do you use most for your work?

    My main indispensable tool for sketching is graphite pencils, scanner, Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop, which are needed to transfer the drawing to digital format. I also often use watercolour, acrylic and crayons for colour accents.

    What skills have you learnt along the way?

    I feel I'm learning something new every day and I really love this evolution. In addition to practical skills, step by step I develop my artistic taste and at the same time grow as a creative person.

    Objective self-criticism, I try to perceive my works more like a spectator, rather than as an author.

    What advice would you give to a young creative?

    Look, listen, analyze, but always be yourself and open yourself to something new in each work.

    Learn to correctly formulate your goals, this is the basis of any successful activity. So where do you see yourself in а year? And in 5 years? Follow your feelings, they will help to make the right choice and understand what it takes to achieve your wishes. Form useful habits that will contribute to this. Try to get a good experience from any challenge that you have to go through. Don’t be afraid to dare and use your unique talent, share your gift with the people around you.

    Take care of time, because this is our only resource that can’t be restored. And you are only strong as your next move.

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