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Interview With David Sossella

    Interview With David Sossella | Graphic Competitions
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    I was born in Venice in 1976. In Venice I firstly studied at the fine arts high school and then at the Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in painting.

    In 2001 I started working as a graphic designer and illustrator for various communication agencies. I worked also in an animation studio as chief of the graphic team. In 2010 me and other three partners founded Manifactory, a Creativity agency. We work on creativity and illustration projects for clients from all over the world. In 2014 we also founded Gusto Robusto, an independent project to produce art prints realized in vector graphics.

    My work has many influences, I love mixing all the things I like into one single fusion. I love traditional Japan, science fiction, Soviet graphics, Western mysticism, alchemy, I love drawing creatures and means of transport. I love to put life into my illustrations and fill them with quotes and hidden meanings.

    What are you working on at the moment?

    At the moment I'm collaborating with Serif for the launch of Affinity Designer for iPad. I collaborated in the beta testing phase of the program and realized various illustrations for the advertising campaign. Affinity designer is a new player in the field of vector graphics, and I am very happy to collaborate with Serif.

    What does a typical working day look like?

    A few years ago, me and my colleagues moved our studio to a little town in the countryside where our office overlooks a beautiful circular square. Here, when my eyes are tired because of the computer, I can look out and enjoy a beautiful view and immerse myself easily into the surrounding nature with my dog that follows me to the office every day. My work day is divided between the drawing table and the computer. Most of the time I'm working on some new illustrations.

    What tools do you use most for your work?

    I love to change often technique. I mainly work in vector graphics, but I also paint with acrylics. I usually realize handmade drawings, but recently I bought an iPad pro and more often I find myself sketching using this tool, which is proving to be surprisingly productive and effective for me. Sometimes, however, I need to leave the world of pixels and vectors and get my hands dirty with paint, feel smells, surfaces.

    What skills have you learnt along the way?

    I love to develop as many skills as possible. Over the years, I tried to learn as many techniques as possible, in particular, I learned to use the vector at a good level, and I taught several workshops in Italy and abroad. I love painting with acrylics and digital. Thanks for that, I’ve been invited for various performances both in Italy and abroad.

    What advice would you give to a young creative?

    This is a monastic work, it takes infinite dedication and humility, constant exercise, study, love. The rest comes by itself.

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