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Viviane Esders Prize 2024

    Viviane Esders Prize 2024 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Photography
     Deadline:  April 29, 2024 - expired! January 30, 2024
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    The Viviane Esders Prize, an esteemed photography competition, holds a prestigious position in the artistic community, particularly in Europe. Established by the Viviane Esders Endowment Fund, this annual award recognizes the outstanding contributions of professional European photographers aged 60 and above. It is designed to honor those who have devoted a lifetime to the art of photography, celebrating their enduring commitment to the craft. This prize not only acknowledges artistic excellence but also the persistence and evolution of an artist’s vision over decades. The inclusion of seasoned photographers highlights the importance of experience and maturity in the photographic arts, making the Viviane Esders Prize a unique and significant accolade in the photography world.

    Rooted in a deep appreciation for photographic art, the Viviane Esders Prize reflects the founder’s passion and lifelong dedication to photography. Viviane Esders, after an extensive career spanning over forty years as a gallery owner, photography expert, and collector, established this prize as a tribute to the power and influence of photography in the art world. The prize is part of a broader initiative by the Viviane Esders Endowment Fund to promote and sustain the love of photography. This initiative includes nurturing a rich collection of nearly 600 pieces, primarily the fruits of unique encounters and experiences. Through this prize, the fund aims to continue Esders’ legacy in the photographic community, fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition for photographers who have shaped the landscape of European photography.

    The Prix Viviane Esders, as it is known in French, is not just a competition but a platform that brings to light the stories, visions, and artistic journeys of photographers who have dedicated their lives to their craft. This recognition goes beyond a mere financial reward; it is a celebration of artistic resilience and a testimony to the enduring relevance of photographers who have witnessed and captured the evolving world through their lenses. By focusing on photographers over the age of 60, the prize challenges the often youth-centric view of the arts, instead highlighting the depth and richness that come with age and experience. The Viviane Esders Prize, therefore, stands as a beacon of respect and admiration for those who have spent a lifetime behind the camera, narrating the world’s tales through their unique perspectives.

    There is no entry fee.


    Open to professional European photographers who are over 60 years old, independent, and still active in their field.


    The winner of the Viviane Esders Prize receives an exceptional financial award of €60,000, courtesy of Viviane Esders. This award includes €10,000 designated for the publication of a monograph by the winning photographer. Additionally, two other finalists each receive a grant of €5,000. The jury will select three nominated photographers, who will be announced in June, and the winner will be announced in October and receive their prize during the Paris Photo event in November 2024.

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