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Urban Photographer Of The Year 2019

    Urban Photographer Of The Year 2019 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Photography
     Deadline:  January 31, 2019 - expired! December 18, 2018
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    Organised by CBRE, the Urban Photographer of the Year competition is the largest of its kind, celebrating the richness and diversity of city life around the world by challenging both amateur and professional photographers alike to capture the essence of the urban environment.

    This year’s theme invites photographers to submit photos that capture their vision of a future city.

    Each entrant may submit up to 24 images; one to represent each hour of the day. The photo submitted for a specific hour need not have been taken during that hour, but should look as if it was.

    Copyright in all Photos remains the property of the entrant at all times.

    There is no entry fee.


    Open wordlwide to individuals 18 years of age or older.


    The overall competition winner will receive a photography trip (up to 10,000 USD) to a destination of their choice for themselves and a friend. Previous winners have visited locations including Turkey, Morocco, Bhutan and Namibia.

    Regional winners will be awarded up to 1,000 USD worth of photography equipment each. There will be three regional winners, one for each region - Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia Pacific and Americas.

    The winner of the mobile category will be awarded a GoPro kit. To be entered in the mobile category, your picture must have been taken on a mobile device and you must tick the mobile box on the entry page.

    Instagram winner will be awarded a GoPro kit. To be entered in the Instagram category, your picture must be uploaded onto CBRE’s Instagram page.

    Hourly prizes will be rewarded to the 24 standout images representing each hour of the day. Each hourly winner will be awarded a camera bag.

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