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Syngenta Photography Award 2014

    Syngenta Photography Award 2014 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Photography
     Deadline:  September 15, 2014 - expired! April 23, 2014
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    The Syngenta Photography Award is a celebration of artistic skill and outstanding photography. In this second edition it explores the theme of scarcity and waste. In a world of limited resources, these have become fundamental social, political and environmental issues of our time.

    As population and economic growth drives increases in global consumption, many countries face growing resource shortages. Competition for, and even conflict over, resources such as fresh water, farm land, and forests is an increasing risk.

    Yet, it is a paradox that this scarcity exists side-by-side with enormous waste.

    A third of the world’s food production is lost or wasted along the supply chain. In the UK, as much as 30% of vegetable crops are not harvested because they fail to meet the physical appearance standards expected by retailers. In India, around 40% of all fruit and vegetables are lost due to poor storage and transport systems. And across Europe and the US, over half of food purchased is simply thrown away. This isn’t just a waste of food, but of the land, water, inputs and labour that go into their cultivation.

    The Syngenta Photography Award is a call for photographs to tell stories about scarcity, waste and the tensions and relationships between them. Photographers, whatever their approach, are invited to submit images (color or black and white) that explore these important issues, and to spark a dialogue about our changing planet.

    There is no entry fee.


    The competition is open worldwide to both professional and amateur photographers.


    The Award offers a total prize money of US$65,000, including a US$25,000 professional commission.

    Moreover, images from the Award will be exhibited in March 2015 at Somerset House, one of London’s most celebrated arts and culture venues.

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