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Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Year 2024

    Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Year 2024 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Photography
     Deadline:  February 4, 2024 - expired! October 17, 2023
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    The Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards stands as a prestigious global platform that honors the finest achievements in the realm of food photography and filmography. Open to both professional and amateur photographers, this annual competition represents a vivid celebration of the art and storytelling that revolves around the world of gastronomy. With over a decade of history since its inception in 2011 by founder Caroline Kenyon and her dedicated team, the awards have garnered over 100,000 entries from nearly 100 countries. These accolades cast a brilliant spotlight on the diverse food stories told through photography and film in more than 25 captivating categories.

    This competition is a vibrant reflection of the universal allure of food—ranging from images of families united in celebration during religious festivals to the intricate art of food styling for magazines. It also delves into the gritty realities of food production and the raw beauty of food in its natural habitat. The awards’ fundamental mission is to provide this thriving sector of photography with the recognition it genuinely deserves. The photography showcased here captures the compelling essence of food, be it the captivating beauty or the stark drama, the abundance of feasts or the harsh realities of famine, and even the human connections forged through food. As Caroline Kenyon herself articulates, "Food is the great leveller, the great unifier, and photography captures this so powerfully."

    For photographers, food enthusiasts, and connoisseurs of art and photography alike, the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards invites all to explore the mesmerizing world of food through the lens. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary talent behind the camera and to appreciate the rich tapestry of food stories that these photographs narrate, transcending cultural boundaries and embodying the beauty and diversity of culinary experiences worldwide.

    The entry fee varies based on the number of photos you submit.


    Open worldwide to photographers of all ages and experience levels, including both professionals and amateurs.


    The competition offers various prizes, including prize money, prestige, profile, and commercial opportunities for the winners. The images will be exhibited, and finalists will have their work published in the competition’s materials. Additionally, there are specific category awards such as the Champagne Taittinger Wedding Food Photographer and the MPB Award for Innovation. The judging process is conducted anonymously, and shortlisted entrants are contacted approximately 8 weeks after the closing date.

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