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LensCulture's Emerging Talent Awards 2015

    LensCulture's Emerging Talent Awards 2015 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Photography
     Deadline:  June 30, 2015 - expired! June 16, 2015
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    LensCulture's Emerging Talent Awards 2015 is an international competition to showcase outstanding emerging photographers - from all cultures, all points of view, with no age limit.

    LensCulture's mission is to discover and share the best of contemporary photography. New and emerging photographers often make the freshest, most exciting work - but it's hard to gain attention when you are relatively new and not widely known. That's where LensCulture can make a big difference, to highlight many emerging talents who deserve worldwide attention.

    The Awards are open to all genres of photography, all points of view, all corners of the world. Upload jpeg or png that are a minimum of 1200 pixels and a maximum of 2000 pixels on the longest side and less than 5MB is size each.

    Emerging photographers (who has not yet received significant international recognition), regardless of their age, are encouraged to enter. There is no limit to the number of images that can be submitted at one time.

    All photographers retain full copyrights for their own work.

    If you are not a student, you can submit up to 10 images for an entry fee of 60 USD. If you are student, you can submit up to 10 images for 35 USD. You may also submit more than 10 images for an additional fee of 5 USD per additional image.


    The competition is open to everyone worldwide, 18 years and older, professional and amateur photographers alike.


    • Emerging Talent 2015 Exhibition at San Francisco Camerawork Gallery
    • Video projections at international photo festivals
    • 20,000 USD in Emerging Talent Grants

    Moreover, over 100 of the highest-rated entries will gain visibility with LensCulture Insiders and receive an invitation-only LensCulture Portfolio account, which serve as a great platform to reach our audience of over 1.4 million worldwide.

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