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Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards 2024

    Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards 2024 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Photography
     Deadline:  March 31, 2024 - expired! February 6, 2024
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    The Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards (KLPA) 2024 invites photographers worldwide to engage in a compelling exploration of portrait photography. This distinguished competition seeks to unearth and showcase the immense talent and diverse perspectives within the global photography community. By focusing on portraiture, KLPA encourages participants to delve into the stories, identities, and emotions that define their subjects, offering a platform where the power of the human face and form can be celebrated in its myriad expressions. This emphasis on personal narratives and the ability to convey profound messages through imagery positions the awards as a pivotal event for photographers keen on making a mark in the world of visual storytelling.

    KLPA is renowned for its commitment to diversity and innovation, providing both established and emerging photographers with a unique opportunity to display their work to an international audience. The competition’s inclusive approach welcomes entries from all corners of the globe, ensuring a rich variety of styles, cultures, and interpretations of portraiture. This broad engagement not only enriches the contest but also fosters a vibrant community of artists united by their passion for capturing the essence of humanity. The inclusion of a special category for students underlines KLPA’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of photographers, offering them a significant platform for exposure and professional growth.

    With its strategic focus on high-quality submissions and a wide-ranging impact, KLPA enhances the visibility of participating photographers and their work. Winners and finalists gain not only prestigious accolades but also the opportunity to have their photographs exhibited in Kuala Lumpur, connecting them with galleries, collectors, and photography enthusiasts. This exposure is instrumental in advancing careers and expanding networks within the competitive photography industry. As a result, the Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards continues to stand as a beacon of excellence in portrait photography, celebrating the art form’s capacity to reveal the profound depth and complexity of the human experience.

    The fee ranges from USD $15 for a single image to USD $75 for six to ten images. Entry is free for students under the age of 25 as of 1 February 2024.


    Open to all photographers, with a special category for students under 25 years of age. Each photographer may enter up to 10 images per submission, with a maximum of two submissions.


    The top three winners in the open category will receive USD $2,000, USD $1,000, and USD $500, respectively. The top 40 finalists, including prize winners, will have their work exhibited in Kuala Lumpur. For the student category, the top three images will receive USD $250 each, and the top five will be exhibited alongside open category finalists.

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