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Global Peace Photo Award 2022

    Global Peace Photo Award 2022 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Photography
     Deadline:  May 22, 2022 - expired! April 1, 2022
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    The Global Peace Photo Award recognizes and promotes photographers from all over the world whose pictures capture human efforts towards a peaceful world and the quest for beauty and goodness in our lives. The award goes to those photographs that best express the idea that our future lies in peaceful coexistence.

    The Global Peace Photo Award celebrates the ability of humans to be caring and supportive. Inspired by Nobel Peace Laureates 1911 Alfred Fried and Tobias Asser, it celebrates all kinds of pacifism and disarmament of individuals and society as a whole.

    You may enter several photographs as individual submissions without an overall theme. Or you can submit up to 12 photographs as one story. For each submission (single image or story) you need a caption in English, maximum length 2000 characters.

    There is no entry fee.


    Open to professional and amateur photographers from anywhere in the world.


    The Peace Image of the Year will receive 10,000 EUR (approx. 11,050 USD). Also, the top five listed photographers will be awarded the Alfred Fried Photography Award Medal and the winner of the Children Peace Image of the Year will receive 1,000 EUR. All winners will be invited to Vienna to the award ceremony at the Austrian Parliament on 14 November 2022 with travel expenses and accommodation paid.

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