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BBA Photography Prize 2024

    BBA Photography Prize 2024 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Photography
     Deadline:  July 15, 2024 - 48 days left April 6, 2024
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    The BBA Photography Prize 2024 positions itself as a pivotal platform for photographers worldwide, offering an unmatched opportunity for exposure and recognition. Open to participants over 18, regardless of their experience, gender, or nationality, this competition transcends boundaries, inviting a diverse array of visual storytellers to submit their images. With the liberty to present up to 10 photographs, entrants are encouraged to explore their creativity fully, promising a rich exhibition of genres and styles. This inclusive approach not only democratizes the field of photography but also enriches the visual dialogue within the artistic community.

    At the heart of the BBA Photography Prize is the commitment to celebrating excellence across various facets of photography. From technical skill and conceptual depth to the power of storytelling and innovative thinking, the criteria for evaluation are comprehensive. The jury, composed of esteemed industry professionals, scrutinizes submissions with a discerning eye, seeking out works that resonate on multiple levels. This rigorous selection process ensures that the exhibition in Berlin, set for November and December 2024, will be a testament to the highest standards of photographic art. Moreover, the opportunity for daily social media promotion amplifies the visibility of participating talents, providing them with a platform to engage with a global audience.

    Prizes and recognition offered by the BBA Photography Prize further underscore its stature as a significant event in the photography calendar. With a structure that awards both exposure and financial support, winners can anticipate not just accolades but tangible benefits that can propel their careers forward. The grand prize includes a solo show at the BBA Gallery, coupled with a cash prize to support the production of this exhibition, illustrating the BBA’s commitment to nurturing and promoting photographic talent. Additionally, special awards and monthly selections during the open call period offer continuous opportunities for photographers to be spotlighted. Through this comprehensive approach, the BBA Photography Prize stands as a pivotal platform for photographers seeking to make their mark in the world of visual art.

    The early bird entry fee is €39, rising to the original price of €49 after the early bird period ends. The early bird deadline is Monday, 13 May 2024, with the final submission deadline on 15 July 2024.


    Open to anyone aged 18 and over, without restrictions on gender, nationality, experience, or educational background.


    The BBA Photography Prize includes an exhibition opportunity in Berlin during November/December 2024 for more than 20 photographers selected by the BBA’s international jury. The prize consists of 5 awards, offering international exposure and cash prizes. The first prize includes a solo show at BBA Gallery. During the open call, five photographers will be selected each month by BBA directors, with one finalist chosen by MPB for a special award on the award night. Additionally, there’s a daily promotion on social media for selected works. The cash prize for the first-place winner is divided into a €750 production budget for the solo show in 2025/2026 and €750 cash.

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