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Banff Mountain Photo Essay Competition 2024

    Banff Mountain Photo Essay Competition 2024 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Photography
     Deadline:  May 6, 2024 - expired! January 4, 2024
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    The Banff Mountain Photo Essay Competition 2024, hosted by the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Canada, is a distinguished event that showcases the unique intersection of photography and mountain culture. This competition invites photographers, both amateur and professional, from around the globe to submit photo essays that capture the essence of mountains and the myriad experiences they offer. The emphasis of this event is on storytelling through photography, where each entry, comprising three to five images, should narrate a compelling story or evoke strong emotions related to mountain life.

    The competition focuses on various aspects of mountain culture, including adventure, wildlife, sports, environment, and natural history. It seeks to highlight the diverse and dynamic nature of mountains and the communities, ecologies, and cultures that surround them. The photo essays are expected to be not just visually stunning but also narratively powerful, able to communicate a deeper understanding or perspective of the mountain world. This attribute makes the competition a platform not just for showcasing photographic skills but also for storytelling and cultural exchange.

    Moreover, the Banff Mountain Photo Essay Competition stands as a significant opportunity for photographers to gain international recognition. The winning essay, along with selected entries, will be featured in the Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival, offering wide exposure. This exposure is not just limited to the photographic community but extends to a global audience of mountain and outdoor enthusiasts. The competition thus serves as a bridge between the art of photography and the diverse, global community of people who find inspiration and meaning in mountain landscapes.

    There is no entry fee.


    Open to both amateur and professional photographers worldwide.


    The Grand Prize winner of the competition will receive $3,000 CAD. The winning entry will be recognized for its compelling storytelling through a series of images, each strong enough to stand alone yet collectively conveying a powerful narrative. The selected winner will be announced in June 2024, with entries judged on their effectiveness in conveying the mountain story through composition, technique, content, and originality.

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