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2024 Nature’s Best Photography International Awards

    2024 Nature’s Best Photography International Awards | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Photography
     Deadline:  March 28, 2024 - expired! January 19, 2024
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    The 2024 Nature’s Best Photography International Awards is a prestigious event that invites a global audience of nature photographers to showcase their talent. Whether amateur or professional, photographers from all corners of the world are encouraged to participate, submitting their most captivating photographs and videos. This inclusive competition provides a unique platform for photographers at every skill level to display their passion for nature and wildlife through the lens of their cameras.

    The competition emphasizes creativity and technical skill, seeking entries that stand out in terms of overall appeal, originality, conformity to rules, and technical excellence. With no restrictions on the timing of when the photographs or videos were taken, participants have the liberty to submit their best work, regardless of when it was captured. This approach not only enhances the diversity of submissions but also allows photographers to share timeless moments from nature that they have encountered over the years.

    Emphasizing the beauty and diversity of the natural world, the Nature’s Best Photography Awards serve as a platform for photographers to contribute to wildlife and nature conservation awareness through their art. The awards highlight the importance of preserving the natural world and encourage photographers to capture and share images that tell compelling stories about our planet’s wildlife, landscapes, and the critical need for conservation. This prestigious competition not only celebrates the art of photography but also promotes the crucial message of environmental stewardship and appreciation.

    The entry fee is $30 USD for adults and free for youth (18 or under as of March 15, 2024).


    Open worldwide to all photographers.


    The competition offers $20,000 USD in cash prizes and awards. The Grand Prize is $5,000 USD for the best single image, including a cash prize, an Awards Plaque, publication in Nature’s Best Photography magazine, and online features. The Youth Photographer of the Year will receive $1,000 USD for the best single image by someone 18 years or younger. Category winners receive $1,000 USD each, along with similar publication and recognition perks. Moreover, Highly Honored finalists in each category will receive an Awards Certificate and online presentation opportunities.

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