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The Faces Behind Typefaces

    The Faces Behind Typefaces | Graphic Competitions
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    Typography, as language made visible, is a fundamental adhesive that connects all of us. Typography, as a profession, is a powerful international community of practitioners who learn from and inspire each other.

    Since its launch in 1946, the Type Directors Club (TDC) has helped the industry consolidate through educational activities and showcasing the best of the best. This editorial, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the club, explores the impact of the older generation of TDC medalists with first-hand stories from today’s most active members.

    With a rich history, the TDC aims to amplify the power of typography and serve a global community that believes type drives culture and culture drives type.

    Starting out with 20 members in New York, as of 2022 the organization brings together a membership of over 800 type designers and typographers from 36 countries and tens of hundreds of subscribers. Today, 75 years after its founding, the TDC is the world’s leading global typography organization.

    To honor this special occasion, Readymag created a web space for meaningful dialogue between generations of typographers, connecting prominent figures in type design. The Faces Behind Typefaces is a deep dive into the impact and legacy of the TDC Medal and the past medalists.

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