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Shutterstocks 2019 Color Trends Report

    Shutterstocks 2019 Color Trends Report | Graphic Competitions
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    Shutterstock has released its 2019 Color Trends Report, which identifies the top three universally popular colours that are surging year-over-year as well as local favourites from around the world. By analyzing pixel data together with image download data, Shutterstock pinpointed the neon trio of turbo-charged colours that have grown most in popularity in 2018.

    • Proton Purple: #8a2be2
    • UFO Green: #7fff00
    • Plastic Pink: #ff1493

    In addition to the top three fastest-growing colours in popularity globally, the report also highlights the top trending colour for 20 countries around the world. From lavender blush in Japan to plum in the U.K., these hues show us local favourites in different regions around the globe.

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