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ONE School Spring 2021 Applications

    ONE School Spring 2021 Applications | Graphic Competitions
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    The One Club for Creativity has launched an all-new 16-week season of ONE School - a free program designed to help ambitious young Black creatives find their place in the advertising world.

    These individuals, who may have balked at the fees of portfolio schools, will be given an opportunity to learn from the best and work towards a job in an industry that desperately needs their talent and viewpoints.

    Applicants are selected based on raw creativity, passion and commitment so as not to discourage those with no prior knowledge of advertising.

    The free online school runs two nights a week for 16 weeks, with students getting 10 briefs over the course covering everything from OOH to Innovation and Data-Driven Storytelling. Due to the hands-on mentoring aspect of the program, enrollment in each city is limited to 15 students who have not previously attended an ad school.

    Deadline for applications: March 7, 2021.

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