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Logo Contest - Best Way To Find A Creative Logo Design

    Logo Contest - Best Way To Find A Creative Logo Design | Graphic Competitions
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    Toyota, Wikipedia, and Google are just some of the companies that believe in running logo contests. Discover why logo design contests are a great way to find a new logo design.

    Logo design contests have received a bad rap from bitter professional designers who argue that these contests undermine the profession. What these dissatisfied graphic designers forget however, is that logo contests are popular for a reason.

    Toyota, Wikipedia, and Google are just some of the big name corporations that chose to go with a logo contest when they were re-branding. In fact, the 1980s saw many car companies engage in a series of logo contests in an effort to modernize their then logos. One of these companies was Honda. Mazda didn’t even have a logo to talk about, so they were looking for an initial logo.


    German car company Volkswagen selected their original logo from a logo contest held in the 1930s as well. The winning entry is historically attributed to Franz Reimspeiss, who was at the time an employee of Porsche. However, others believe that Martin Freyer, another equally talented logo contest winning designer may have been the original designer of the winning logo.


    In 1936, Toyota held a logo contest in which 27,000 designs were submitted. The winning logo is still Toyota’s current emblem.


    The popular online encyclopedia had already been around for two years when they decided it was time to re-brand to make their logo more inclusive. In 2003, they hosted a logo design contest which was won by 17-year-old Paul Stansifer.

    Benefits of running a Logo Design Contest

    Running a logo contest just might be one of the best ways to find a unique and creative logo design, and here’s why.

    1. Receive multiple entries

    The more logos to choose from, the merrier correct? When you opt to work with a solo design team, you might have your designs and logo revisions done by a sole graphic designer. While they could possibly design some really good pieces, you’re a bit limited aren’t you? Imagine running a global logo contest!

    2. Receive eye-opening and catchy entries

    A global contest translates to fishing in a big sea. You’ll be sure to receive diverse and unique logo designs because people living in different geographical areas have different ways of interpreting your brand and what you’d like to see in your logo.

    3. Discover new talent you could work with long term

    Companies always need the help of graphic designers. Brochures, artwork, flyers all need an expert graphic designer’s touch. The same person who designed your logo can end up being an additional remote employee of your company. You never know what talent is out there!

    4. Set a budget you can afford

    When you decide to run a logo contest, you’re in complete control of the budget. You can set the amount you’re happy to pay for the winning entry. All contestants understand this when they submit their entries so you won’t have to haggle over the final amount. There aren’t any hidden fees or surprise revision costs involved.

    5. You can run multiple contests at the same time

    Who is to say how many contests you can run? There are scores of platforms online that will help you run your logo contest. You can employ the help of a couple of these platforms and have a simultaneous contest going on at the same time. This will not only increase the number of entries you’ll receive, but you’ll also have access to an even wider talent base. You can opt to run a logo design contest on a platform that features local designers only, and then another contest on a platform with international designers.


    Running a logo contest can be a cost-effective way to re-brand as well as to find a good graphic designer to work with on future projects. It simplifies matters because everything can be done online, and you may not even have to leave your office to meet in-person with the designer. Everything can be settled online in the comfort of your own office. For the convenience afforded to you by these contests, and the scores of entries you’re most likely to receive, we see running a logo contest as one of the foremost ways to find a unique and creative logo design. If mega corporations can run such contests with much success, we’re sure you’ll also be able to do the same.

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