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The Lumen Prize For Art And Technology 2024

    The Lumen Prize For Art And Technology 2024 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Multiple Disciplines
     Deadline:  May 25, 2024 - expired! March 15, 2024
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    The Lumen Prize for Art and Technology emerges as a beacon for the integration of art with digital innovation, celebrating the synergy between these fields through a distinguished global competition. Organized by Lumen Art Projects, this annual event shines a spotlight on the extraordinary talents of artists who utilize technology to redefine the boundaries of creative expression. The prize not only acknowledges the exceptional work of digital artists but also propels the dialogue on the evolving relationship between technology and art, emphasizing the endless possibilities that emerge when these worlds collide.

    Rooted in a mission to elevate digital art and its creators, the Lumen Prize extends beyond the competition to foster a thriving ecosystem where artists can connect with a global audience. Through curated exhibitions and collaborative events, Lumen Art Projects offers a stage for these digital pioneers to showcase their work across prestigious venues and cultural institutions. This initiative not only amplifies the reach of digital art but also enriches the global art landscape, making innovative works accessible to a wider audience and encouraging public engagement with the digital art form.

    At its core, the Lumen Prize serves as a cornerstone in the digital art community, championing the creative exploration of technology within the arts. By offering a platform for recognition, exhibition, and dialogue, the prize nurtures the growth of artists and the expansion of digital art practices. As it continues to draw attention to the cutting-edge intersections of art and technology, the Lumen Prize remains a pivotal celebration of the dynamic and transformative power of digital creativity, inspiring both artists and art enthusiasts to explore the limitless potential of this evolving genre.

    The entry fee varies from $25 during the early bird period (ending 31 March) to $35 afterwards.


    Open to artists from around the world, without limitations on the age of the submitted work.


    The Lumen Prize 2024 offers a total prize fund of $18,000 across several categories and awards. Notable awards include the Lumen Gold Award ($7,500) for exceptional work across all categories, and additional awards such as the Kunstsilo Award ($1,000) for Nordic artists, the BCS Award ($1,000) for impactful work on technology experience, and the Carla Rapoport Award ($1,000) highlighting underrepresented groups. Categories include Still Image, Moving Image, Interactive Immersive, Futures, and Impact, each with a $1,500 prize. Up to 70 artists will become finalists, reviewed by an esteemed jury panel, with nine total award winners.

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