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The Little Help Project Design Contest 2014

    The Little Help Project Design Contest 2014 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Multiple Disciplines
     Deadline:  June 15, 2014 - expired! April 1, 2014
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    AS Colour's Little Help Project was inspired by the huge amount of untapped t-shirt design talent that exists in Australia and New Zealand. Way back in 2009 we noticed that many of the most talented designers didn’t have the means or cash flow to get their designs into print, so we came up with a way to give emerging talent a kick start.

    Now in its fifth year, the Little Help Project is looking to focus on showcasing more designs and offering better opportunities for designers to get their shirts into print. From April 2014 we will be taking submissions for t-shirt designs and in June, ten of the best designs will be displayed in our physical stores and online. These designs will be available for the public to purchase.

    This format will be repeated again from November so we will now have a 6 monthly cycle of new designs and prizes. Another notable addition is a regular series of limited edition collaborations with established t-shirt designers and Little Help Project finalists. We see this initiative as a way of nurturing and growing the t-shirt culture in our part of the world along with giving something back to aspiring designers.

    All entries must be original designs that have not been used previously as a t-shirt print or other graphic on any item of clothing. (Original artwork that has been used in print form in other media is acceptable as long as the submitter can prove that it is indeed their original work if needed).

    There is no entry fee.


    The Little Help Project is open to all emerging t-shirt designers young and old.


    Designers will receive a 12.5% royalty for each shirt sold, with royalties being paid at the end of the contest period.

    The shirts will be online for five months until October when we will give one of the designers a cash prize of US$4000. The top designer will be chosen by our team along with an element of public voting on social media.

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