The Intersections Of Art And Engineering Challenge

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     Deadline:  July 7, 2014  (expired!)
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    The Intersections of Art and Engineering Challenge, organized by Aavid Thermalloy, is a contest designed for innovators, engineers, designers, and artists to create work that is expressive, challenging, and conceptual, yet simultaneously rigorous, practical, and empirical.

    Aavid has been dedicated to serving the worlds leading technology companies with quality products, innovative designs, and global support. Aavid believes innovative ideas change the world and understands that engineering becomes more powerful when it is paired with human ingenuity, creativity and critical thinking.

    With this Challenge they invite artists and engineers to think about the connections and chasms between art and engineering, and to explore how these connections will be applied in the next 50 years.

    Entries are sought from various disciplines where there is a cross-fertilization among the domains of art, science, and technology. The aim is to present an exhibition that will represent the latest innovative thinking from around the world. All mediums will be considered.

    Interdisciplinary team submissions are encouraged.

    There is no entry fee.


    The Challenge is open to anyone worldwide.


    The Entrants will have a chance to win $40,000 in cash prizes and their work will be exhibited in 3 global locations including the USA, Italy, and China.

    First Place Global: $15,000 USD
    Second Place Global: $10,000 USD
    Third Place Global: $6,000 USD

    USA First-Third Place: $1,000 USD
    ITALY First-Third Place: $1,000 USD
    CHINA First-Third Place: $1,000 USD