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The Climate Creatives Challenge #04

    The Climate Creatives Challenge #04 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Multiple Disciplines
     Deadline:  January 13, 2024 - expired! December 12, 2023
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    The Climate Creatives Challenge, now in its fourth iteration, focuses on the theme of "COASTAL CHANGE". This international initiative stands as a beacon for innovation in climate communication, inviting participants from around the globe to contribute their creative insights in a biannual design competition. The challenge uniquely focuses on the intricate relationship between climate change and coastal regions, seeking to unearth novel ways of conveying the impacts and benefits of adaptation and resilience in these vulnerable areas. Embracing a wide spectrum of creative disciplines, the Climate Creatives Challenge is an inclusive platform, welcoming entries from all backgrounds including; Designers, filmmakers, architects, programmers, engineers, musicians, sculptors, illustrators, storytellers, scientists, marine biologists, data visualisers, geographers, social scientists, environmentalists… anyone with a creative concept that could help communicate this theme.

    To encourage different types of creative communication, a broad range of types of entry can be submitted for the challenge, including: Illustration, Photography, Video, Poetry & Prose, Audio, and Sculpture.

    The competition, renowned for its global reach and impact, not only promotes awareness and education about the critical issue of climate change but also serves as a hub for creative minds to converge and collaborate. By highlighting the urgency of coastal changes due to climate fluctuations, the Climate Creatives Challenge offers a unique opportunity for artists and scientists alike to synergize their efforts in conveying complex environmental messages. The challenge’s commitment to advancing climate communication through diverse and creative expressions positions it as a leading initiative in the fight against climate change, making it a pivotal platform for artists, innovators, and environmental advocates worldwide.

    With entries spanning 44 countries in the previous challenge, Challenge #04 hosts an esteemed panel of international judges including: Emily Penn, Inka Cresswell, Professor Tom Spencer, Asher Jay, Dr. Sophie Day, Dr. Russell Arnott, Ed Barsley, Cllr Harry Blathwayt, Professor Iris Möller, Richard Jackson, and Vanessa Barragão.

    There is no entry fee.


    Open worldwide to individuals and teams from all disciplines and creative backgrounds.


    The competition offers prizes for winning and commended entries: £1,000 for 1st place, £750 for 2nd place, £500 for 3rd place, and £250 each for 20 commended entries. Winning and commended works will be featured in an exhibition and included in the fourth Climate Creatives Challenge Compendium.

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