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Saul Bell Design Award Competition

    Saul Bell Design Award Competition | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Multiple Disciplines
     Deadline:  November 28, 2014 - expired! August 19, 2014
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    The Saul Bell Design Award has been challenging jewelers to stretch the limits of design and of what they are capable of for 15 years. Design means something different to every jeweler. That’s the beauty of it, and that’s what the Saul Bell Design Award is celebrating this year.

    It is also an opportunity to design for an audience of your peers, jewelers who know the effort that goes into crafting an exceptional design, and who understand design and the painstaking hours that go into ensuring it is seamless.

    « There is no higher incentive to challenge us as designers than the Saul Bell Awards, knowing that your piece must show the judges something new and innovative forces us to push ourselves outside our comfort zone and do something we’ve never done before. » (Ryan Roberts, winner of the 2013 award in the gold/platinum category)

    There are seven categories:

    • Gold/Platinum - The predominant metal is gold or platinum group metals including palladium or a combination of these. Can be cast, fabricated, forged, assembled or created with any combination of techniques.

    • Hollowware/Art objects - Includes vessels and non-wearable objects made of precious metal. Can be made using one or a combination of techniques, including spinning, drawing, forging, raising, repoussé, and forming, primarily from milled stock. Decorative cast components can be incorporated.

    • Silver/Argentium Silver - The predominant metal is silver, Argentium Silver or a combination of both. Can be cast, fabricated, forged, assembled or created with any combination of techniques.

    • Enamel - The predominant surface material must be glass-based enamel. Can be fired on any type of metal.

    • Alternative metals/Materials - The predominant material can be any non-traditional metal (a metal not covered in another category, including base metals and reactive metals) or material (including resin, glass, wood, found objects and textiles).

    • Metal Clay - The predominant material can be any form of metal clay.

    • Emerging Jewelry Artist - There are no limitations on media, as long as the finished piece is wearable jewelry and is fabricated by the entrant. Designer must be 21 years of age or younger at the time of the entry deadline, November 28, 2014.

    The judges of the competition, often master jewelers themselves, look for innovation and originality of design, successful incorporation of materials, wearability, and quality of workmanship. They examine each finalist piece by hand and on a model with a keen eye for each of these attributes.

    Please note: the deadline for entries is October 3, 2014, except for the Emerging Artist category for which the deadline is November 28, 2014.

    Entry fee: $95 ($25 for Emerging Artist category).


    The Saul Bell Design Award Competition is open to jewelers and hollowware artists worldwide.


    The Saul Bell Design Award is one of the industry’s most respected international jewelry competitions. Winning it helps propel jewelers to new heights in their careers and new levels of recognition and acclaim for their work.

    • First and second place winning pieces will be promoted through a variety of media and industry events, including display in the exclusive Plumb Club during the 2015 JCK, Las Vegas show.

    • First place in each category (except Emerging Artist): $2,000 Rio Grande gift certificate

    • First place in the Emerging Artist category: $500 Rio Grande gift certificate (and a matching award for the winner’s instructor or school)

    Moreover, first and second place winners (except for Emerging Artist winners) will receive free travel and lodging to attend the awards celebration in Albuquerque, New Mexico. All winners will also receive a gift certificate to attend any one Rio Grande class.

    In an effort to facilitate networking among jewelry designers and jewelry manufacturers, all first and second place winners (except Emerging Artist winners) will be registered to attend the 2015 Santa Fe Symposium, the industry's premier conference for jewelry manufacturing technology. The Symposium will be held May 17-20, 2015 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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