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Model Young Package 2022

    Model Young Package 2022 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Multiple Disciplines
     Deadline:  May 11, 2022 - expired! February 11, 2022
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    After a one-year break, the long-awaited 26th edition of the Model Young Package design competition has just started. This year's theme Food Is... concerns all about food packaging. Can packaging elevate food to different levels and make it an even greater experience? Designers from around the world are challenged to create packaging that is sustainable, imaginative and contributes to the quality of life.

    The competition is divided into two categories. The first category recalls High Schools and is open for registration to students. The second and Unlimited category is designed for college students and designers without age limit.

    Entrants have to submit their work in the form of a functional prototype of the packaging on a 1:1 scale, the design must be a functional mock-up.

    The Model Young Package competition, organized by Czechdesign in cooperation with Model Group, is worldwide the largest of its kind, and gives participants a unique opportunity to compare their designs in an international competition.

    There is no entry fee.


    Open to participants from all over the world from 15 years of age, students, and professional designers.


    Participants will receive prizes worth a total of 7.300 EUR (approx. 8,318 USD). Moreover, the ultimate winner will be rewarded with the great opportunity in the form of a three-week honoured internship at an Innovation Centre of Model Group. The results will be announced in September 2022 in Prague followed by an exhibition of the winning designs.

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