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Jacques Rougerie Foundation Competition 2023

    Jacques Rougerie Foundation Competition 2023 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Multiple Disciplines
     Deadline:  September 14, 2023 - expired! April 17, 2023
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    Jacques Rougerie Foundation, with aims to give a new generation of architects, designers and engineers an opportunity to flourish, has opened registration for their International Architecture and Innovation Competition, now in its 13th edition.

    Participants are invited to imagine the habitats of the future and seeks for innovative projects in:

    • Architecture for the Sea
    • Architecture for Space
    • Architecture related to Climate & Rising Water

    In 2023, the Foundation invites you to push the boundaries. Don’t be afraid to dream by daring, today more than ever. You can influence and propose reinvented living environments through architecture, a permanent field of creation and experimentation at the confluence of arts, sciences and technologies. Nature, a constant inspiration: biomimetics and its 3.8 billion years of evolution allow us to open and explore this new path of innovation.

    Your projects must be bold, forward-looking. Enthusiastic more than normalized, they will show that inspiration, when it intersects form, function and environment, can lead a simple idea where it is not expected. based primarily on biomimicry, in line with the safeguarding of our ecosystems and its biodiversity, they will have to be conceived and drawn in a multidisciplinary way.

    We will be 10 billion by 2050. Three-quarters of the population will live near rivers and seashore and will be directly impacted by climate change, rising waters and erosion. As for the exploration of space, it is now inevitable and must be part of a transgenerational approach, conducive to other possibilities, and change paradigms to reconcile Humanity and Nature.

    A candidate can only participate once by submitting a single project.

    There is no entry fee.


    Open worldwide to students, professionals, researchers, creators, artists, etc.


    A total of 40,000 EUR (approx. 43,790 USD) will be awarded as six distinctive prizes, across three main competition categories.

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