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European Design Awards 2024

    European Design Awards 2024 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Multiple Disciplines
     Deadline:  February 16, 2024 - expired! January 11, 2024
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    The European Design Awards, initiated in 2007, is an annual celebration that honors excellence in communication design across Europe. The event is distinguished by its unique assembly of judges, consisting of publishers, journalists, editors, and academics, all of whom are actively involved in curating design content. This esteemed group annually evaluates and recognizes the most outstanding designs in various categories, such as print, web and exhibition design, illustration, packaging, mobile apps, and motion graphics. The awards, by celebrating exceptional designs, aim to elevate the standard and visibility of the design profession.

    The European Design Awards culminates in a festival, hosted each year in a different European city, offering a dynamic platform for Europe’s creative talent. This event is more than just an awards ceremony; it’s a gathering of the continent’s most innovative minds in design. It provides a unique opportunity for participants to showcase their work to a broader audience, including influential media figures represented by the jury. This annual meeting is a significant date in the communication design calendar, attracting a diverse range of participants who aspire for recognition in numerous categories including Branding, Packaging, Promotion, Publications, Typography, Illustration, Digital Applications, Internal Productions, and Miscellaneous. The event also includes special awards such as the Jury’s Prize, Agency of the Year, and Best of Show, adding an extra layer of prestige.

    The European Design Awards is synonymous with design excellence in Europe. Its mobility, being hosted in different cities each year, enhances its appeal and reach, engaging a diverse audience across the continent. The event’s encompassing range of categories appeals to a wide spectrum of design professionals, from graphic designers to digital artists. More than just an awards ceremony, the European Design Awards is a beacon for emerging trends in the design industry. It provides vital insights into the evolving landscape of European design and serves as a key reference for those interested in contemporary trends and standards in the field.

    The cost for each submission is €169, with a volume discount for five or more submissions at €135.2 per submission. For student project categories, the submission fee is €40.


    All designers living or working within Europe are eligible to participate. European based designers can submit work for clients outside Europe, while designers outside Europe can only submit work created for the European market.


    Winners of the European Design Awards are recognized with three levels of distinction: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Gold is awarded for exceptionally high-caliber work and comes with a trophy presented at the Award Ceremony. All award winners (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) gain the prestige of being published in the ED-Awards catalogue and on their website, providing significant exposure.

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