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European Design Awards 2015

    European Design Awards 2015 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Multiple Disciplines
     Deadline:  February 20, 2015 - expired! January 14, 2015
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    Now in their ninth year, the European Design Awards celebrate excellence in the fields of print, web and exhibition design, illustration, packaging, mobile apps and motion graphics. With 35 available categories, the ED-Awards are the most prestigious and comprehensive awards organisation to recognise and promote your work.

    Initially a joint effort by 15 communication design magazines from across the continent, the ED-Awards have expanded to include a vibrant online collaboration by editors of digital design publications. Design is constantly changing and embracing new ideas and so the ED-Awards mirror this in always moving forward and evolving as an organisation and a service to designers.

    Judging criteria:

    • Design quality: Design excellence including use of images, typography etc.
    • Creativity: Originality and artistic quality.
    • Relevance: To what extent the design serves the specific purpose it was designed for.

    All submitted work must have been published in 2014.

    The entry fee per submission is 140 Euro (or 112 Euro per submission for five or more submissions) and 40 Euro per student submission.


    All designers living or working within Europe may participate. Designers in Europe may submit work done for clients outside Europe.


    There are three levels of distinction: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

    • Gold winners receive a trophy during the Award Ceremony. In rare cases, the maximum of two Gold Awards may be given in one category.

    • Silver winners receive a diploma during the Award Ceremony. A maximum of five Silver Awards are given per category.

    • Bronze winners receive a diploma by post or in the ED-Conference reception. A maximum of five Bronze Awards are given per category.

    All award winners (Gold, Silver and Bronze) will be published in the ED-Awards catalogue and on the ED-Awards website.

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