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Celeste Network Taboo 2015 Open Call for Artists

    Celeste Network Taboo 2015 Open Call for Artists | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Multiple Disciplines
     Deadline:  December 16, 2015 - expired! September 11, 2015
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    UPDATE: deadline extended to December 16, 2015.

    Breaking a taboo is less of an issue today than in the past. The speed with which societies are changing, requires constant questioning of what is considered acceptable. Taboo-breaking and taboo-creating are the inevitable results of our hyper-active times.

    In this context, artists are in the most enviable position. They are free in the widest sense, able to dissent and ask questions, and in their practice create new worlds which transgress the old. By exploring such issues as death, marriage, sexuality, money, racism, freedom, religion, gender, war, violence, politics, or behavioral traits such as guilt, shame, love, exploitation, forgiveness, artists can turn taboo-related themes on their heads, in subtle or explicit ways which are dissimilating but illuminating or shocking but liberating.

    Works submitted can take into account prevailing taboos, wherever and however they are experienced, geographically or culturally, or give a sense of how and why transitions to new forms of consideration and acceptance are given with taboos.

    Works or projects can be in any media, from performance to documentation, to installation, photography, video and painting. Works will be selected for their ability to spark thoughtful investigation on the taboo in question, as well as revealing how aesthetics can advance understanding on the subject being treated.

    Works and projects must have been made within the last 10 years, and can or cannot have been exhibited before or presented in other prizes.

    All finalists’ works, including those by prize winners, will remain after the awards ceremony and exhibition, property of the artists or of their legitimate owners.

    Entry fees:

    • Single work: 20 Euro (approx. 22 USD)
    • Project: 70 Euro (includes upload of up to 10 single images of your project)


    International, open to artists, photographers and creatives worldwide, regardless of age, sex, experience, occupation or geographic location. It is possible to participate as an individual or as a group.


    Finalist works will be chosen by the directors of Galleria Poggiali & Forconi who will be hosting the final exhibition in their spaces in Florence, Italy. This is an opportunity to show your artwork and work alongside one of Italy’s top art galleries.

    Prize winners will be chosen by the finalist artists themselves in a secret vote which will be held on the exhibition's opening night in March.

    • 3,000 Euro (approx. 3,380 USD) for the Best Project
    • 2,000 Euro (approx. 2,250 USD) for the Best Single Work

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