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BBA Artist Prize 2024

    BBA Artist Prize 2024 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Multiple Disciplines
     Deadline:  February 19, 2024 - expired! October 16, 2023
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    The BBA Artist Prize 2024 represents a unique and exciting opportunity for artists worldwide to gain unparalleled exposure and recognition for their creative talents. This open call welcomes artists from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, with a commitment to inclusivity that transcends age, training, or nationality. This international competition, hosted by BBA Gallery, offers a platform for both seasoned artists with a proven track record and emerging talents taking their first steps in the art world. Whether one is an established artist, a budding creative soul embarking on their artistic journey, or simply a passionate enthusiast of the arts, the BBA Artist Prize 2024 provides an exceptional canvas for showcasing artistic prowess.

    The judging criteria for this prestigious award encompass an array of facets, including visual excellence, storytelling, conceptual innovation, technical craftsmanship, depth of subject matter, and artistic insight. A panel of industry professionals, carefully curated by BBA Gallery, will assess the submissions. The competition promises international recognition, attractive cash prizes, and a rare opportunity to exhibit one’s work in the vibrant art scene of Berlin. Additionally, the grand prize winner will be granted a solo exhibition at BBA Gallery, further solidifying their place in the art world spotlight.

    This comprehensive and inclusive artistic competition encourages the submission of up to five artworks, where there are no limitations on themes or artistic mediums. The application process is designed to be flexible, allowing artists to upload their work at any time before the final deadline, which is set for 19th February 2024 at midnight CET. By offering these opportunities and recognizing the creative diversity within the art community, the BBA Artist Prize 2024 is a beacon of inspiration, fostering an environment where every artist has the potential to flourish and make their mark on the global art stage.

    The entry fee for the BBA Artist Prize 2024 is 29 Euro.


    Open worldwide to artists over 18 years old. Artists cannot submit artworks exclusively contracted with another gallery, and they must hold all moral and intellectual property rights for their submitted work.


    The BBA Artist Prize 2024 will award five prizes, offering international exposure and cash prizes, with the 1st prize winner receiving a solo show at BBA Gallery. Additionally, there will be daily features of the "Artist of the Day" on social media, and the "Artist of the Week" will be featured on the website.

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