Art Olympia 2017 International Open Art Competition

     Category:  Multiple Disciplines
     Deadline:  March 15, 2017  (expired!)
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    Art Olympia is an open art competition held as a biennial event with the goal of discovering talented artists around the world and supporting their activities. It aims to promote exchanges of the world’s various cultures through arts. Artworks of approximately 180 pieces (80 pieces from Japan and 100 pieces outside of Japan) will be selected and undergo a final review in Tokyo by a panel of great judges invited from around the world.

    Art Olympia seeks two-dimensional artworks which can be representational or abstract; oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel, mineral pigments, print, charcoal, digital/multimedia art, mixed media, photography, etc. (calligraphy, video, sculpture, and group/ collaboration works are not accepted).

    Art Olympia embodies the following three concepts:

    Connect - Art Olympia would like to establish a worldwide hub of art and culture which would meet and connect domestic artists to international artists.

    Discover - Art Olympia will collect artworks from all over the world and invite domestic and foreign art experts as jurors. A variety of jurors from different cultural and historical backgrounds will broaden the possibility of recognising talented artists.

    Create - Art Olympia aims to encourage and inspire artists creating the next generation of art and a new aesthetic sense of beauty. The exchange of culture through Art Olympia will stimulate artists to grow beyond their borders.

    Each artist is limited to three images. In addition to the General Category, Art Olympia has set the Student Category to support young artists.

    Entry fee:

    General submission: 60 USD for 1 image, 100 USD for 2 images, 140 USD for 3 images
    Student submission: 40 USD for 1 image, 70 USD for 2 images, 100 USD for 3 images


    Open to artists from all over the world.


    For All-Entrants Category, the first prize winner will receive 120,000 USD, the second prize winner 30,000 USD, and the third prize winner 20,000 USD along with the Art Olympia original trophies. The forth prize winner will receive 3,000 USD, the fifth 2,000 USD, and the sixth 1,000 USD.

    For Student Category, the first prize winner will receive 20,000 USD, the second 10,000 USD, and the third 5,000 USD along with the Art Olympia original trophies. The forth prize winner will receive 3,000 USD, the fifth 2,000 USD, and the sixth 1,000 USD.

    There are also special prizes from Art Olympia in addition to the first to sixth prize. Ten special prizes from the jurors for All-Entrants competition and Student competition will be awarded to the works whichever each juror scores the highest.

    All of the 180 finalists will receive cash prizes, have their works displayed at the exhibition and will have exposure on an art magazine, and will be listed on the original pictorial records of works as well as the Art Olympia website.