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Applied Arts 2024 Student Awards

    Applied Arts 2024 Student Awards | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Multiple Disciplines
     Deadline:  May 6, 2024 - expired! January 31, 2024
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    The Applied Arts 2024 Student Awards, a highly esteemed competition in the creative industry, invites submissions from talented students worldwide. This prestigious event, known for its international scope, provides an exceptional platform for students in post-secondary and high school education to showcase their artistic and technical skills. The competition encompasses a wide array of categories, including advertising, design, digital motion, gaming, photography, and illustration, catering to a diverse range of creative talents and mediums. It stands as a beacon of excellence, encouraging the next generation of creative professionals to push the boundaries of their craft and gain recognition for their innovative work.

    Each submission to the Applied Arts 2024 Student Awards is evaluated based on its creative merit, technical excellence, and suitability for the category it was submitted to. This rigorous assessment ensures that all entries are judged fairly and on their own merits, fostering an environment of impartiality and excellence. The competition’s unique structure does not rank winners but instead provides equal exposure to all entries that meet the cutoff score. This inclusive approach underlines the competition’s commitment to celebrating a wide spectrum of creative talent, from emerging artists to more established individuals, ensuring that each participant receives the attention and recognition they deserve.

    Furthermore, the Applied Arts 2024 Student Awards serves as a significant milestone in the careers of young artists and designers. The competition not only highlights the creative prowess of its participants but also offers an unparalleled opportunity for professional growth and exposure. Winners receive the honor of being featured in the Summer 2024 edition of Applied Arts Magazine, a publication revered in the creative community for showcasing the crème de la crème of creative talent. This exposure is extended through an online gallery, amplifying the reach of their work across digital platforms. Such recognition is invaluable for emerging artists, providing them with a launchpad to elevate their status and open doors to new opportunities and collaborations within the competitive landscape of art and design.

    The entry fees vary depending on the category.


    Open internationally to students who are either in post-secondary education (both undergraduate and graduate) or high school. High school students are eligible only for the high school categories. Graduates can also participate if they graduated within the past year and submit work completed during their studies.


    Winners of the Applied Arts 2024 Student Awards receive significant recognition and exposure in the creative industry. Their work will be published in the Applied Arts Magazine’s Summer 2024 edition, and featured in an online gallery. Winners also receive a digital badge and an official award certificate. Additionally, they have the opportunity to order extra certificates, copies of the Awards Annual, and a personalized engraved trophy, although these come at additional costs.

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