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AI Design Award 2024-2025

    AI Design Award 2024-2025 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Multiple Disciplines
     Deadline:  January 15, 2025 - 176 days left June 10, 2024
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    The AI Design Award (AIDA) 2024-2025 is an international competition that recognizes and celebrates innovative designs integrating artificial intelligence. AIDA invites participants from diverse design fields, encouraging them to present their cutting-edge AI-driven solutions. Categories for this competition encompass AI Algorithm Development, Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI in Robotics, AI in Music and Sound, Generative AI Video, and Generative AI Image, alongside traditional design disciplines such as Conceptual Design, Architecture, Fashion Design, and User Experience Design.

    AIDA’s mission is to foster a creative community that bridges the gap between AI advancements and design innovation. The competition aims to ensure that the design industry remains at the forefront of technological progress by recognizing exceptional AI-integrated designs. It seeks to uncover and promote emerging talents while honoring established professionals whose work exemplifies the transformative potential of AI. Through this initiative, AIDA emphasizes the critical role of design in enhancing user experiences and addressing complex social challenges.

    Winning the AI Design Award provides significant recognition and opportunities for designers. Winners’ works are featured on AIDA’s digital platforms, included in the AIDA yearbook, and showcased at prestigious exhibitions in the Bay Area, United States. The award ceremony further celebrates their achievements, offering invaluable networking opportunities with industry leaders. This recognition helps winners elevate their profiles, highlighting the importance and impact of AI in shaping the future of design.

    Entry Fee: Early Bird entry fee starts at $75 for Students, $135 for Professionals, and $225 for Enterprise.


    Open to participants from all design-related fields, including individual designers, teams, and collectives.


    Winners of the AI Design Award will receive exclusive recognition for their contributions to the AI and design fields. Their work will be featured on AIDA’s digital channels, included in the AIDA yearbook, and presented at exhibitions in the Bay Area, United States. Additionally, winners will be celebrated at the AI Design Award Ceremony, providing them with significant exposure and opportunities within the design and AI communities.

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