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8th Indigo Design Award

    8th Indigo Design Award | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Multiple Disciplines
     Deadline:  January 31, 2025 - 201 days left July 10, 2024
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    The Indigo Design Award is an international competition that celebrates outstanding design in digital, graphic, mobile, and game design across a variety of categories. This prestigious award recognizes creativity, innovation, and excellence, providing a platform for designers to showcase their talents on an international stage. Winning an Indigo Design Award not only brings recognition but also offers opportunities for networking, exposure, and growth within the design community. Whether you are an emerging designer or an established professional, the Indigo Design Award is a mark of distinction that highlights your contribution to the world of design.

    The Indigo Design Award offers numerous benefits for designers across the globe, recognizing and promoting outstanding work in various design fields such as digital, graphic, mobile, and game design. Winning an Indigo Award provides significant advantages, including:

    Networking Opportunities: Winners are invited to the annual Indigo Design Award ceremony, held in prominent design capitals, offering a chance to network with peers, potential clients, and industry leaders.

    Global Promotion: Winning entries are showcased on the Indigo Award Winners’ Page for a year, included in the Indigo Interactive Digital Book of Design, and promoted through major PR campaigns to top design magazines, blogs, and directories.

    Awards and Recognition: Winners receive certificates, trophies, and badges, with special honors such as "Designer of the Year" and "Agency of the Year" bringing additional accolades. Gold winners also receive in-depth interviews featured on the Indigo website and in newsletters reaching over 30,000 subscribers.

    Exposure and Credibility: Winning an Indigo Design Award enhances a designer’s credibility, providing a platform to present their work to a global audience and increase their client base.

    These benefits highlight the value of participating in the Indigo Design Award, making it a prestigious platform for designers to gain recognition and further their careers.

    Early Bird Deadline: September 30, 2024. Submissions before this date receive a 15% discount on entry fees.

    Extended Early Bird Deadline: November 30, 2024. Submissions before this date receive a 10% discount on entry fees.

    Final deadline: January 31, 2025.


    Open to Agencies, Freelancers and Students globally.


    Winners receive significant recognition and promotion. They are featured in the Indigo Design Award’s Interactive Digital Book of Design, benefit from a major PR campaign, and have their work showcased on the Indigo Award Winners’ Page for a year. Additionally, there are opportunities to attend the annual award ceremony, which is held in major cities globally, offering networking possibilities with top industry professionals.

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