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World Gallery Of Cartoons Skopje 2024

    World Gallery Of Cartoons Skopje 2024 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Illustration
     Deadline:  May 31, 2024 - expired! February 13, 2024
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    The OSTEN World Gallery of Cartoons, an illustrious event held annually in Skopje, North Macedonia, represents a pinnacle of artistic expression in the realms of cartoons, satirical drawings, and comic strips. Since its inception in 1969, this gallery has distinguished itself as a beacon for cartoonists worldwide, offering a prestigious platform for both emerging talents and seasoned professionals to display their creative prowess. The Gallery’s foundation by OSTEN, an organization with deep roots in fostering cultural and artistic exchange, underscores its commitment to nurturing the global community of cartoonists. Each year, the event draws submissions from a wide spectrum of artists, eager to share their insightful and often humorous commentary on societal, political, and cultural issues.

    At its core, the OSTEN World Gallery of Cartoons celebrates the unique ability of cartoons to cut through barriers, conveying complex ideas through visual humor and critical observation. This celebration of artistic expression not only highlights the latest trends and innovations in cartooning but also pays homage to the rich history and evolving nature of the art form. The inclusion of diverse categories and the recognition of outstanding contributions through various awards amplify the event’s inclusive ethos. It aims to encapsulate the breadth of cartooning’s impact, from poignant social commentary to lighthearted satire, showcasing the dynamic ways artists interpret the world around them.

    Moreover, the OSTEN World Gallery of Cartoons serves as a vital cultural bridge, connecting artists from across the globe and fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas. This gathering of creative minds in Skopje, against the backdrop of OSTEN’s storied commitment to art and culture, propels the event beyond a mere competition. It is a celebration of the enduring power of cartoons to inform, entertain, and provoke thought, solidifying the event’s status as a cornerstone in both the international art scene and the broader discourse on freedom of expression and the role of satire in society.

    Submission is free if your work remains in the OSTEN Collection. If you’d like your (unselected) works returned, a fee is $20 applies.


    Open to authors worldwide, inviting professional, semi-professional, and amateur cartoonists to participate with one or more original works.


    OSTEN Skopje will award a Grand Prix for Lifetime Achievement of $1,500 (and sculpture), one First Award of $1,000 (and plaque), one Second Award of $500 (and plaque), five (5) third awards and five (5) special awards as plaques, and the Cico Award to one Macedonian cartoonist.

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