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Spectrum 23 Fantastic Art Call For Entries

    Spectrum 23 Fantastic Art Call For Entries | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Illustration
     Deadline:  January 25, 2016 - expired! May 22, 2015
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    For over twenty years the Spectrum annual has been a showcase for the best and brightest creators of fantastic art from around the globe: it serves as an invaluable resource book for art directors, art buyers, publishers, and agents world-wide.

    The purpose and singular agenda is the promotion of the art and artists. Spectrum is all about facilitating opportunities for creators, about growing the audience for imaginative work in all its forms, without pretension and without prejudice. All art works in all mediums embracing the themes of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and the surreal are eligible.

    There are eight main categories:

    • Advertising
    • Book
    • Comics/Graphic Novels
    • Concept Art
    • Dimensional
    • Editorial
    • Institutional
    • Unpublished

    Fantastic Art can be subtle or obvious, traditional or off-the-wall, painted, sculpted, done digitally or photographed: there is no unacceptable way to create art and there are no set rules that say one piece qualifies while another does not. Imagination and skill are what matters.

    If your entry is accepted, be certain that a reproduction-quality digital file (400dpi, tiff file at 9" wide x 12" tall) is available to insure the entry’s inclusion in the Spectrum annual.

    Entry fees are 20 USD per work and 40 USD per series (five or fewer related pieces).


    Open worldwide to all professional and student artists, art directors, publishers and artist representatives. Work must have been finished or first published in 2015.


    Each accepted entry will be reproduced in full color and given complete credit in the Spectrum Twenty-Third Annual Book; the contact information for the artist or their agent/representative will be printed in the artist index.

    The person who has submitted an accepted entry will receive a complimentary copy of the annual, and additional copies may be purchased at a discount.

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