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Silent Manga Audition 2024

    Silent Manga Audition 2024 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Illustration
     Deadline:  December 4, 2023 - expired! August 25, 2023
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    The Silent Manga Audition, orchestrated by Coamix Inc., a prominent manga publisher headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, stands as a distinguished international competition that has carved its niche in the realm of manga creation. This unique contest takes an innovative approach by centering on "Silent Manga," a narrative mode that relies solely on visual storytelling, omitting the use of dialogue. It serves as a canvas for creators to express intricate emotions, intricate narratives, and captivating moments through the medium of illustrations.

    In its current iteration, the competition embarks on a creative journey inspired by the theme "Memorable Smile." Entrants are invited to craft their tales using a palette of emotions reflected in smiles—happy, amused, sad, confused, embarrassed, threatening, and beyond. With a requirement of 5 to 17 pages, each artwork adheres to the traditional manga reading order from right to left and maintains a monochrome aesthetic, celebrating the raw essence of artistic expression. As the pages unfold, readers are drawn into the subtle nuances of the narrative, appreciating the artistic prowess required to convey profound stories without relying on words.

    The Silent Manga Audition not only opens doors for established manga creators but also extends its welcoming hand to emerging talents, both domestically and internationally. This competition serves as an opportunity for individuals to shine regardless of their linguistic backgrounds, showcasing the universal language of visuals. With the judging criteria centered around emotions, originality, and composition, participants are encouraged to embark on a creative exploration that transcends cultural boundaries and resonates with a diverse global audience. Beyond its competitive aspect, the event fosters a sense of camaraderie among creators, allowing them to engage in the art of storytelling through a lens that reverberates with the essence of humanity itself.

    There is no entry fee.


    Open to anyone worldwide.


    The prizes include Grand Prix (500,000 YEN, approx. 3,425 USD), Grand Prix Runner-Up (300,000 YEN, approx. 2,055 USD), Excellence Award (100,000 YEN, approx. 685 USD), Excellence Runner-Up (30,000 YEN, approx. 205 USD), and Honourable Mention (10,000 YEN, approx. 70 USD). Special prizes include merchandise for selected entrants. All entrants receive professional editorial feedback and a free 3-month trial of Clip Studio Paint EX.

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