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Jiaxing Rainbow Vegetable Garden Cartoon Competition

    Jiaxing Rainbow Vegetable Garden Cartoon Competition | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Illustration
     Deadline:  April 25, 2022 - expired! March 24, 2022
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    Held by Jiaxing Economic & Technological Development Zone Garden Municipal Construction Co., Ltd. and Young Bird Plan, the international design competition platform, the 2022 Jiaxing Rainbow Vegetable Garden Cartoon Competition aims at creating a unique cartoon character representing Jiaxing Rainbow Vegetable Garden.

    The cartoon character will be used to present Jiaxing Rainbow Vegetable Garden’s characteristics and spirit, enriching its image and popularity.

    The drawings shall include, but not limit to: the brand character’s three-view drawing (front, side and back view drawing), renderings, and other detailed drawings, etc.

    Alongside your image, please also submit a text describing your concept, within 300 words.

    There is no entry fee.


    Open to all professionals, students and amateurs of related background including but not limited to design, art and animation. There are no limits on nationality and age.


    Cash prize for all the first 3 winners, as well as for the 20 shortlisted. The top winner will receive a prize of 30,000 RMB (approx. 4,710 USD). Also, all entries will be included in the commemorative album of the competition.

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