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Applied Arts 2024 Illustration Awards

    Applied Arts 2024 Illustration Awards | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Illustration
     Deadline:  February 2, 2024 - expired! December 21, 2023
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    The Applied Arts 2024 Illustration Awards represent a prestigious opportunity for illustrators across the globe. This competition, renowned for its international reach, invites artists to showcase their exceptional skills and unique visions in the realm of illustration. Catering to a wide array of artistic expressions, the awards accept various types of work, including commissioned, published, unpublished, and personal illustrations. By participating in this esteemed event, illustrators gain the chance to present their work to a discerning audience of top creative professionals in advertising and design industries. This platform not only celebrates artistic talent but also promotes it among influential industry leaders.

    In the ever-evolving world of visual art, the Applied Arts 2024 Illustration Awards stand as a beacon of excellence and innovation. The awards highlight the importance of technical proficiency and creative ingenuity in the field of illustration. Whether it’s traditional media or digital art, the competition embraces all forms of illustration, acknowledging the diverse techniques and styles that illustrators bring to the table. The entries are judged by a panel of award-winning designers and art directors, ensuring that each piece is evaluated by experts who understand the nuances and complexities of illustration. This meticulous judging process adds to the credibility and prestige of the awards, making them a coveted accolade in the illustrator’s professional journey.

    Furthermore, the Applied Arts 2024 Illustration Awards serve as a career milestone for participating illustrators. Winning an award can be a game-changer, offering unparalleled exposure and recognition. The winners’ works are prominently featured in the Summer 2024 edition of Applied Arts Magazine, a publication revered for showcasing the crème de la crème of the creative industry. This exposure extends to an online gallery, increasing the visibility of the artists’ work on digital platforms. Such recognition not only enhances the winners’ professional reputation but also opens doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and potential clients. This prestigious competition is an essential stepping stone for illustrators aspiring to elevate their status in the competitive world of art and design.


    Open internationally to all forms of commissioned, published, unpublished, and personal work created between February 2023 and February 2024.


    Winners of the Applied Arts 2024 Illustration Awards receive significant recognition and exposure. Their work will be published in the Applied Arts Magazine’s Summer 2024 edition, featuring the best in the industry. Winners also get featured in an online gallery, enhancing their visibility. They receive a digital winners’ badge to display on various platforms, acknowledging their achievement. An official award certificate is provided, symbolizing their success in the competition. Additionally, winners have opportunities to order additional certificates, copies of the Awards Annual, and a personalized engraved trophy, though these come with additional fees.

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