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AOI Poster Prize For Illustration 2019

    AOI Poster Prize For Illustration 2019 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Illustration
     Deadline:  July 31, 2018 - expired! May 2, 2018
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    UPDATE: deadline extended to July 31, 2018.

    The Association of Illustrators (AOI) in partnership with London Transport Museum, is delighted to announce that submissions are now welcome for the Poster Prize for Illustration 2019.

    This year the theme is "London Stories".

    Artists are invited to visually capture a familiar or lesser-known narrative in a single image. All stories, current or historical, real or fictional which feature this amazing city are welcome – your imagination is the limit. Stories could be those seen in a film or play, heard in poetry or music, or read in literature. They may be family anecdotes, or an impression of your daily observations. Your visual story could be inspired by London’s history or contemporary city living. What stories does London have to tell?

    All artworks should be in portrait format. London Transport Museum prefers that artworks conform to actual or pro rata standard poster sized: Double Royal – 635 x 1016mm (25 x 40 inches) or Double Crown – 505 x 760mm (20 x 30 inches). However, for this exhibition these sizes are not prescriptive.

    There is no entry fee.


    Open to illustrators and students of illustration throughout the world, regardless whether they are members of the Association of Illustrators or not.


    • First prize: 2000 GBP (approx. 2,730 USD) and display of image on a LTM poster
    • Second prize: 1000 GBP (approx. 1,365 USD)
    • Third prize: 750 GBP (approx. 1,020 USD)

    There is also the possibility that your shortlisted image will be featured on merchandise sold in London Transport Museum's shop.

    Moreover, the top 100 entries selected by a panel of judges will be displayed in an exhibition at London Transport Museum that will run from February to Summer 2019. The winners will be announced at a private award ceremony that will take place in Jan/Feb 2019.

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