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16th Tapirulan Illustrators Contest

    16th Tapirulan Illustrators Contest | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Illustration
     Deadline:  October 20, 2020 - expired! July 24, 2020
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    Nothing will ever be the same again. How many times have we heard that statement in the last few months? All because of a virus. Some say the pandemic will make us better, some say the opposite. What is certain is that if it is true that nothing will ever be the same, never like today have we been allowed to imagine a new, ideal, perhaps unattainable world, a world that does not exist, but can, at least in our desires, in our dreams. A utopia? Yes, a utopia!

    Utopia is the theme of the sixteenth edition of Tapirulan Illustrators Contest, and those who participate become utopians by right. Close your eyes and think about your utopias, we are sure that you have not lost them, even if you are over thirty years old. Some people believe that utopias are a thing of the past, but we don’t, and you don’t either, right?

    Imagine a place without borders, without hate and violence, without soldiers and weapons, where socks are fragrant, chocolate is not fattening and elephants are multi-coloured, like those of David McKee, the special guest and jury president this year.

    You can participate with just one square format illustration.
    Any medium and technique are allowed.

    Entry fee is 15 EUR (approx. 17 USD).


    Open worldwide to anyone. There is no age limit, however underage candidates need parents' authorization.


    The jury will decree the winner of the first prize of 2,500 EUR (approx. 2,850 USD). The winner will be invited for a solo exhibition at Tapirulan Gallery in the next edition of the competition and will be published in a personal catalogue. The jury will also choose the 48 authors to exhibit in Italy (first exposition in Cremona and after a second exposition in Genoa), starting from 5 December 2020, and among the 48 works selected, 12 will also be published on Tapirulan Calendar.

    Moreover, all the registered subscribers will also be able to express their preferential votes. The artist who will get most of the votes will be awarded a 500 EUR prize (approx. 570 USD).

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