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Taipei Design Award 2024

    Taipei Design Award 2024 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Graphic Design
     Deadline:  July 10, 2024 - expired! May 29, 2024
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    The Taipei Design Award is a prestigious international design competition that aims to leverage the power of design to drive urban progress and industrial development. Organized by the Taipei City Government, the award is a key initiative in the city’s efforts to enhance its global image as a hub of creativity and innovation. By inviting designers and creative talents from around the world, the competition fosters a rich exchange of ideas and solutions that address contemporary social challenges, thereby contributing to the betterment of urban life and promoting sustainable development.

    In its 17th year, the Taipei Design Award continues to grow in prominence, attracting a diverse range of entries that reflect the evolving landscape of design. The competition is divided into three main categories: Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, and Public Space Design. Each category invites submissions that demonstrate creativity, functionality, and the ability to enhance the quality of life. The Industrial Design category focuses on mass-producible products, the Visual Communication Design category emphasizes digital and print media, and the Public Space Design category seeks innovative solutions for urban spaces. Through these categories, the award highlights the integral role of design in shaping the physical and cultural fabric of cities.

    The Taipei Design Award is not just a competition but a comprehensive platform for creative exchange and collaboration. It aims to promote cross-domain dialogue among designers, industry professionals, and the public, fostering an environment where innovative ideas can flourish. The inclusion of the Taipei Impact Design Award further underscores the event’s commitment to practical and impactful design solutions that improve the well-being of Taipei’s citizens and enhance the city’s image. This holistic approach ensures that the Taipei Design Award remains at the forefront of global design competitions, continually driving the value upgrade of the entire industry chain and setting new benchmarks for excellence in design.

    There is no entry fee.


    Open to designers and creative talents from all over the world.


    The Taipei Design Award 2024 offers various prizes across different categories. The Grand Award winner in each category (Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, Public Space Design, and Taipei Impact Design Award) will receive NTD 600,000. Other awards include the Golden Award (NTD 500,000), Silver Award (NTD 200,000), Bronze Award (NTD 150,000), and several special awards such as the ICoD Excellence Award, IFI Special Award, and WDO Sustainability Award. Winners will also receive trophies and certificates of recognition, and their names will be published on the official website to facilitate business opportunities.

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