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Seoul Design Award 2024

    Seoul Design Award 2024 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Graphic Design
     Deadline:  May 28, 2024 - expired! May 18, 2024
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    The Seoul Design Award 2024 is a prestigious international competition that celebrates innovative design solutions aimed at promoting sustainable daily life. This award focuses on designs that harmonize the relationship between people, society, and the environment, fostering a culture of sustainability and social responsibility. By encouraging public participation and cooperation, the award aims to spotlight designs that not only solve contemporary problems creatively but also inspire broader societal impact and engagement. The competition is open to a diverse range of design fields, including product, visual, digital/multimedia, spatial/system, and service/experiential/social categories, ensuring a comprehensive representation of the design community’s efforts toward sustainability.

    Established by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in 2019, the Seoul Design Award underscores the city’s commitment to sustainability and innovative problem-solving. The award invites designers and planners worldwide to submit their projects, with an emphasis on those realized within the past five years. This initiative reflects Seoul’s dedication to advancing global sustainability through shared learning and collaboration among cities. The award has garnered international acclaim, attracting entries from over 60 countries and earning the respect of global design experts for its role in highlighting socially transformative designs.

    Participants in the Seoul Design Award 2024 not only compete for significant monetary prizes and trophies but also gain invaluable global media coverage and professional exposure. Past winners have seen their projects receive widespread recognition and support, contributing to their continued success and the implementation of their designs on a larger scale. The award ceremony, set for October 2024, will announce the winners, celebrating their contributions to sustainable design and their impact on creating a harmonious and sustainable future.


    Open worldwide to designers and planners (planners must collaborate with a designer; individual submissions from planners are not accepted).


    Winners of the Seoul Design Award 2024 receive significant recognition, including cash prizes and trophies. The top prize includes KRW 50 million (approximately £31,500). Beyond monetary rewards, winners gain global media coverage and opportunities for further exposure and professional growth.

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