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Posterheroes Social Communication Contest

    Posterheroes Social Communication Contest | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Graphic Design
     Deadline:  March 29, 2015 - expired! November 10, 2014
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    UPDATE: deadline extended to March 29, 2015.

    The international communication and social graphic art contest Posterheroes has just launched its fifth edition. After facing the brief related to food intended as cultural and social topic, this year Posterheroes talks about the whole food chain in its broader aspect.

    Environmental sustainability should also involve the entire food’s life cycle and everyone who takes part in it. That includes food’s production, transformation, conservation, transport and direct sell to the final consumer; making sure that every step is made without loosing resources.

    The consumer is the one who decides what to eat and consequently what the food system will have to produce. Hence we need to change our diet habits if we want to modify the entire system. The awareness of our personal food and nutritive choice will lead that change.

    There are four categories:

    • Production
    • Trasformation
    • Distribution
    • Disposal

    The creative people around the world are therefore called to express their sensitivity and their ideas through the creation of a graphic poster 50x70 at 150dpi (2953x4134 pixels), max 5 MB, vertical layout, jpg or pdf format.

    There is no entry fee.


    There are no age, nationality or profession limits, the contest is open to all graphic designers, creative people, illustrators, social communicator, world-changers.


    For each categories, the jury, composed by international experts in the field of graphics and communication, will identify the top ten proposals, for a total of 40 selected posters.

    After the closure of the contest the posters will be published in the catalog of Posterheroes and they will become part of future exhibitions and events that PLUG will organize at the end of the contest.

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