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Posterheroes 2024

    Posterheroes 2024 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Graphic Design
     Deadline:  August 4, 2024 - 43 days left May 19, 2024
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    Posterheroes 2024 is an internationally renowned poster competition, inviting the global creative community to delve into the theme of "Making Mistakes." Organized by the Cultural Association Plug, in collaboration with Favini and Fondazione Time2, this competition challenges participants to create a 70x100 cm poster that reflects on societal and environmental issues. This year’s theme emphasizes the importance of embracing errors as a natural part of the human experience, promoting a narrative that values imperfections as a source of growth and innovation. By encouraging artists to explore the beauty in mistakes, Posterheroes aims to shift the focus from a perfection-driven mindset to one that celebrates resilience and creativity.

    Since its inception, Posterheroes has established itself as a significant platform for social communication, receiving over 20,000 poster submissions across its twelve editions. The competition not only invites professional designers and students but also welcomes anyone passionate about graphic design to participate. This inclusive approach ensures a diverse array of perspectives and creative expressions, enriching the dialogue around social and environmental issues. Each entry is meticulously evaluated by an international jury of esteemed visual art and social communication professionals, who select 40 winning posters that best capture the essence of the theme.

    The prizes for Posterheroes 2024 include two special mentions: the Favini Prize (€2,500) and the Fondazione Time2 Prize (€1,500). Additionally, 12 of the winning posters will be featured in the 2025 Posterheroes calendar, produced by Favini. This competition not only provides financial rewards but also significant exposure for the artists, whose works are displayed in exhibitions and shared widely across various platforms. By participating in Posterheroes, artists contribute to a larger movement that values creative expression as a powerful tool for social change, inspiring audiences worldwide to reconsider their views on perfection and mistakes.

    There is no entry fee.


    Open to anyone worldwide.


    The competition will award two special mentions: the Favini Prize (€2,500) and the Fondazione Time2 Prize (€1,500). An international jury will select 40 winning posters, and 12 of these will be featured in the 2025 Posterheroes calendar.

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