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Graphic Design Award By Yamaha 2015

    Graphic Design Award By Yamaha 2015 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Graphic Design
     Deadline:  November 1, 2014 - expired! September 3, 2014
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    Yamaha Corporation, together with Yamaha Motor Corporation, are proud to announce the launch of their Graphic Design Award by Yamaha (GDAY) competition, a new international design award inviting innovative graphic communication ideas from both established and emerging visual communication designers or design collectives.

    GDAY was born with a mission to bring new communication ideas to the world through the power of graphic design, a medium which Yamaha believes has the ability to transcend differences, allow designers to communicate effectively and to make invisible ideas visible.

    The theme for the GDAY Award comes from the Japanese word and philosophy, "KANDO", which means "for the heart" or "to be deeply moved". The philosophy of Kando sits at the core of both Yamaha brands. The GDAY Award hopes to seek out new graphic ideas that will become part of a wider universal language the corporations can share.

    Multiple entries per person are accepted. If the work has been publicly exhibited or brought to the market at any exhibition or website, that will be considered as published work and it will not be eligible for application.

    Yamaha has invited Neville Brody, a global authority in the fields of art direction, graphic design and typography, as a chair of the jury.

    There is no entry fee.


    The Graphic Design Award by Yamaha Competition is open to anyone worldwide.


    The winner of the GDAY Award will take home the Grand Prix of $10,000 USD, and also have the opportunity to showcase their work as part of Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor’s global communication activities.

    The judging process will also include a round of social voting to offer everyone an opportunity to be part of the award and encourage the widest possible audience participation with the award and the world of graphic design.

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