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Future of Money Design Award 2017

    Future of Money Design Award 2017 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Graphic Design
     Deadline:  March 1, 2017 - expired! October 27, 2016
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    Running since 2009 and created to develop links between the financial industry and creative practitioners from around the world, this year the Future of Money Design Award invites artists and designers to imagine a counterfactual scenario from the history of money that reimagines how money could have developed if things had gone differently.

    What if Aristotle had died before writing his observations of the ancient Greek currency system, would Plato's money free utopias have become more influential? How might electronic payments evolved, if western union had not successfully created a monopoly surrounding the telegraph? Or in the context of tracked electronic payments, would it have been better if the cash like digital wallets from the 90's like Mondex or Visa cash, became the standard? Or what if the financial crash of 2008 never happened, what would have become of Bitcoin and the blockchain?

    The competition will run in two phases:

    • Submit an overview of your initial concept. Preferred format is PDF. Maximum 3 pages communicating the concept and examples of previous work (website or PDF).

    • Shortlisted entrants will receive 500 GBP (approx. 611 USD) each to develop their idea and produce a short video. The videos and concepts will be presented at Consult Hyperion's Tomorrows Transactions forum, which takes place on the 26th – 27th April 2017.

    There is no entry fee.


    Open to everyone worldwide.


    • First prize: 750 GBP (approx. 917 USD)
    • Shortlisted projects: 500 GBP (approx. 611 USD) each for project development

    Moreover, the top three entrants will have the opportunity to present their concepts at the Tomorrows Transaction forum to an audience of financial experts and industry leaders.

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