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Fennia Prize 2017 Call For Entries

    Fennia Prize 2017 Call For Entries | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Graphic Design
     Deadline:  September 5, 2016 - expired! August 25, 2016
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    Fennia Prize is a design competition where companies and organisations are awarded for exemplary use of design in both designing and realising products, services, business processes or concepts.

    The aim of the competition, arranged every second year, is to promote the use of design in business and the society to enhance growth, competitiveness and internationalization. Fennia Prize offers an opportunity to stand out with innovative and responsible design, which is of economical significance.

    The competition has two series: the General series and the Start up series. Enterprises that are no more than five years old may register in the Start up series.

    Entry fee is 300 Euro (approx. 338 USD).


    Open worldwide to companies and organisations producing designed goods or making use of design in other ways in their business operations (e.g. services, concepts).


    The Fennia Prize Grand Prix and Fennia Prize Winner prizes are awarded to companies or organisations. In addition, 15–20 Honourable Mentions will be awarded. The Finnish Patent and Registration Office will award one IPR Excellence Prize for commendable use of the protection of intellectual property rights (IPR).

    The Fennia Prize also includes an exhibition presenting the award-winning companies and organisations, and products, services and concepts, a prize catalogue and an expert seminar.

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