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EUSPA Logo Design Contest

    EUSPA Logo Design Contest | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Graphic Design
     Deadline:  August 14, 2020 - expired! August 2, 2020
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    The European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (European GNSS Agency) is on the hunt for graphic designers and visual artists from across the EU to craft its new EUSPA logo.

    In the near future, the GSA should become the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA). This new agency should perform a series of activities in the frame of the new EU Space Programme, which will be notably linked to programmes Galileo and EGNOS, the EU satellite navigation systems, Copernicus, the EU Earth Observation system, GOVSATCOM and SSA/SST, the governmental applications. The agency will also play an increased role in ensuring the security of all EU Space programme components.

    Participants are asked to submit up to two designs proposals that will capture the quintessence of the new agency in a visually striking, aesthetically appealing logo.

    There is no entry fee.


    Open to graphic designers and visual artists (students included) from across the European Union.


    The winner will receive up to 15,000 EUR (approx. 17,670 USD).

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